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Generate an online quote for low-cost term life insurance and if you're happy, get fully protected in 15 minutes with no medical exam.

Quick And Simple

From requesting a quote to being approved and protected in 15 minutes- all online

No Medical Check

If you require $500,000 or less in cover,are under 50, and have no serious medical history, then you could apply with no medical testing necessary!

How Much Do I Need?

Speak to an insurance adviser if you need help or use our handy online calculator if you're in a hurry

Save Money

Fit your budget with low-cost term insurance. One fixed price, for the whole policy with no increases and no high-fee linked investments.

No Spam

We take your privacy very seriously and will never contact you without your permission. We also hate spam.

Customer Support

Clients receive customer support from a team of real human beings. You can also speak to an adviser if you want to get technical

Apply Online

Get fully covered online, completing your application in your own time. Stress free.

Will I Qualify?

For people with no existing conditions 97% qualify online for standard terms. The other 3% consult with a friendly adviser.

Global Cover

Cover is available for residents of 207 countries across the world and your cover remains active even when you travel or move
Global Life Cover

Make sure that your family are protected
No matter where your life takes you

Life insurance issued in your home country often does not cover death in different countries. As an expat it is important that your life protection is valid internationally to ensure that your family receive the money owed to them, no matter where you live. Our insurer underwrites life insurance policies across 207 countries so you only have to worry about insurance once.

How It Works

Protect your family with
Low cost term life insurance

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    Request a Quote

    Input your information and your desired life protection; including USD benefit amount (up to 500,000 USD) and term length (up to 20 years).
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    Submit Your Application

    Accept your quote. Follow the online application steps and upload your docs.
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    97% Success Rate

    Await the underwriting decision from the insurer. As long as your application answers are accurate you have a 97% chance of being accepted in principle, and a 94% chance of not even requiring a medical exam.
The Basics

Quick guidelines for your
No-Exam International Term Insurance

Insurance for people living outside of their home country that is flexible, fits their coverage needs, and is internationally portable.

If your cover is $500,000 or less, and you have no serious pre-existing medical conditions, you could be accepted without having to undergo any medical testing!

Term insurance is a low-cost alternative to whole of life insurance that provides a pre-set amount of cover for a specific amount of time (the “term”), and enjoys a guaranteed fixed premium that never goes up!

Choose up to 20 years and you are free to cancel your coverage anytime with no penalties or fees.

Treating Clients Fairly