Does My Life Insurance Cover COVID-19 And Other Corona Viruses?

The answer is “Yes“.



What may change as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, or a viral pandemic of any type, is the way that your application will be processed. Because many medical facilities are fully occupied in the diagnosis and treatment of virus sufferers it may not be practicable, or possible, to get your medical tests for your life insurance right now. In such a situation, for insurance plans with a large death benefit amount that cannot be processed online through our platform, you may still be able to get signed up at distance if you meet the following requirements:

– Applicants are 54 or younger;

– The sum assured is USD 750,000 or lower;

– The application is clean (meaning no medical history which requires additional (non-standard) screening tests or other further investigation has been disclosed)

– The applicant has signed an ‘Offer of Special Conditional Terms Letter’, which will be sent once our Case Management process has been finalised.

This basically means that the required medical tests can be done at a later date (within 6 months), but your cover will start as of now. For larger insurance policies with cover above 750,000 USD or for applicants with complex situations, interim cover of 750,000 USD can be provided until such a time that applicant can obtain the medical tests required to underwrite the full coverage amount.

Again, to reiterate: there are no exclusions for this virus, or any other. To get more specific (and a bit morbid) even in the cases where a patient has contracted the Corona virus and died, what has ultimately been the ’cause’ of death is often another medical condition brought on by the contracting of COVID-19; for example, a respiratory condition or heart disease.  There is a lot of complexity involved in answering the question “Did this patient die of COVID-19 or with COVID-19?”. In this respect, the Corona Virus will not impact your life insurance cover and any ‘critical illness’ contracted will trigger the payment of the critical illness benefit (for Critical Illness policies)m and death resulting from the virus will trigger the payment of the death benefit.