Managing A Life Overseas

People living and working outside of their home country have no shortage of complications in life. Whether you brought your family with you to live overseas, or started a life in a different country and ultimately planted roots in your new home, there will come a time to consider establishing an insurance protection plan for your loved ones. As most expats have learned the hard way: purchasing life insurance in a foreign country can be difficult. The good news it does not necessarily have to be that way.

The most common hurdle is language barrier. Often the local insurance agent will speak little to no English, and the policy terms and conditions will most certainly be in a foreign language.  Who wants to sign a contract they cannot even read? This is beside the fact that some domestic insurance companies in some countries simply will not insure foreign residents if they are not fluent in the local language.

Other common concerns for expats looking for insurance:

– What happens if I move to another country?
– Will my insurance policy cover death overseas?
– If I die, will my family really be able to get their money?

Most local insurers are designed and equipped for dealing with their own domestic market.  Their policies and procedures cater to their millions of customers living in the same country for their entire lives.

Instead, people living outside of their home country would do best to consider an expat term life insurance policy.  These are designed for people that would like to be able to read and understand the terms they are agreeing to, as well as have the peace of mind that their life insurance policy will follow them wherever in the world their career or international lifestyle may take them.