How much does peace of mind cost? 

Deciding to do the responsible thing for your family and purchase life insurance is, admittedly, not always the easiest task. It is a rather morbid topic to think about or discuss with others, and there is always an excuse for delaying until “next month”.

After getting over this hurdle, the actual process can begin. Traditionally, obtaining a life insurance quote would require setting an appointment with an agent, taking time out of your work day or holiday to visit their office (or clean up the house in preparation for the agent to visit your home), discussing intimate details of your life and family plan with the agent, and then waiting to hear back 2 or 3 options for cover and cost. It got the job done, but some people found it time consuming and invasive.  Even after all of this, you would still only be in the early stages. Next would come the medical testing and underwriting phase, which could take weeks or months. The process is also infinitely more complex for people living overseas, dealing with foreign laws in foreign languages. 

Obtaining a term life insurance quote and beginning an application should not be so tedious and time consuming.  Although most people are able to find online quote systems for insurance companies back in their home country, these do not allow for setting up a new insurance policy while living overseas.

By leveraging technology and experience we provide you with an accurate, fair term life insurance quote, no matter where you are in the world. Through our website you can access a platform for running quotes 24/7, at your convenience.

No need for setting appointments or running around town, having embarrassing discussions with a stranger, or feeling limited to the 2 or 3 options the agent is pushing.

Instead, run as many quotes as you’d like until you find the right cover that fits your needs and your budget. When you are ready, proceed with the easy online application and finalise your life protection- all without having to go through a medical check.