Keeping life simple

No-medical exam insurance provides simple life protection for people who do not need millions of dollars in cover

No Medical Exam

No medical exams for death benefit amounts of up to 500,000 USD, or currency equivalent, and no serious medical history at time of application

No Price Increases

The rate that you are approved for today does not change in the future and you will pay one consistent price throughout your coverage term

Get Fast Results

The online underwriting process is often complete within 48 hours and your cover starts as soon as you pay your first premium.

No Re-Rating

Even if you get sick after your insurance policy goes live, nothing changes and there are no further medical checks or assessments required


No taking time off work. No doctors. No medical tests. No waiting time. 

You need to buy life insurance to protect your family. You have gone through the process of obtaining a quote, considering coverage amounts and costs, and submitting an application.  Now begins the difficult part of the process .

Following a traditional long-form paper application, an agent would typically submit your answers to the underwriters. Depending on
your medical history and your immediate family members’ medical history, you would most likely be required to go through medical testing to confirm your state of health.

This involves, among other possible requirements:

– Contacting your doctor and arranging a mutually convenient appointment date
-Taking time off from work or your holiday to visit the hospital
-Potentially invasive or embarrassing discussions about health history
-Submitting to bloodwork, or any range of other medical testing
-Sending all results and relevant records to insurance underwriters and awaiting
their decision
-Possibly having to go in for additional follow-up medical testing due to your
first medical results

For most, this just a part of the insurance processes that we all must go through. For others this can be a necessary but embarrassing exercise they would much rather avoid. For everyone involved, this is at the very least time consuming and tedious, as it can take weeks or months to complete the back and forth- especially when living in a foreign country.

However, this is not 1980, and the insurance industry has also joined the online age. Millions of people each year are now securing low cost life protection from the comfort of their own homes.

If you are applying for 500,000 USD (or currency equivalent) worth of cover or less, and you have no serious prior medical conditions, you could be approved for a no medical exam policy. Based on your answers to the simplified online application, you may fall into a category of standard applicants that are generally considered “normal risk”; thus there is no need to undergo extensive medical testing, saving you and the insurance company time and money.