Servicing your policy could not be easier; from changing address, to payment method, to updating your beneficiaries…


Personal Information Update

Update your address, telephone number and other personal information online at any time


Payment Method Update

From your online account you can change your payment method, payment frequency or update your existing credit card information


Beneficiary Update

Add or remove beneficiaries at any time to ensure that your insurance keeps up with your family


Payment History

Check your payment history online and receive instant updates via email each time you make a payment


Customer Support

Speak to a real person on the phone or a customer service representative via email if you ever need to talk


Financial Advisory

Depending on your location, receive customised financial advice to ensure that you are fully covered


Administering your policy should be quick and easy, accessible 24/7 through the internet.  There is no reason to print forms, worry about filling them out correctly, then post or fax them off if you don’t have to.

We make sure keeping track of your plan and updating information
such as payment details can all be done seamlessly online in under 10 minutes. Having
your card get lost or stolen can happen, and everyone’s card expires every few
years. Keeping your plan up to date and “in force” ensures sure that if the
worst happens at an unexpected time, your family remains covered.

In some cases of policy administration you may be required
to send in original documents with your signature. However, this requirement
would typically be for something major such as changing your beneficiaries.
This is understandable, given its importance, and requiring original “wet-signature”
documents is an industry standard procedure which helps prevent fraud.