Qatar: Setting Up Life Insurance

Qatar is a state that is home to expats from around the world. The country has more expats than nationals, with 85% of the population being non-nationals. Oil and gas, the country’s largest industries, have led 63% of expats to the country.

Neighbouring countries have a lot of people leaving for Qatar because of better job prospects.

As the world’s richest country, money is the main reason people flock to the country. The benefits are great, and Hamad Medical Corporation offers free treatment to people, including expats, albeit the wait period can be long.

Private insurance is commonplace, and this includes:

  • Life insurance
  • Critical illness insurance

International life insurance is a good choice and offers you robust coverage if you ever leave or die in the country.

Languages Spoken in Qatar

Qatar has a very diverse population, with most people coming from India. The most spoken language is one of the hardest to learn in the world: Arabic. If you’re a native speaker, you may understand the language and be able to sign a life insurance policy that you understand, but there are so many variations of Arabic that even some native speakers have difficulty understanding others.

English is the second most common language, especially amongst the expat community. The rise of English encroachment on Arabic in the country has become a problem, with steps being taken to curb the rise of the language’s popularity.

Signing Documents in Your Non-Native Language

If you’re a native Arabic speaker, you may be confident that when you sign an insurance policy, you will understand all of the:

  • Terms
  • Conditions
  • Restrictions
  • Exemptions

Many international residents will sign insurance policies that they don’t fully understand. The premiums that you pay don’t protect you if you die and your beneficiaries can’t benefit from the insurance. An insurer can deny payouts due to:

  • Discrepancies on your application
  • Exemptions that you don’t understand
  • Wrong address information

When trying to secure insurance in your home country, there’s a good chance that the policy requires you to live and reside in the country. As someone that moves and lives in Qatar, it’s possible that your insurance provider will not honor your premium. Typically, there’s a six-month limit on staying outside of your native country.

For example, if you have a term life insurance policy in Sweden, it’s possible that if you reside outside of Sweden for six months, the insurer will deny the payout if you die.

It’s important to seek an insurance policy that is designed for people that are residing outside of their own country. Expat insurance providers offer you the opportunity to have insurance that’s valid in 200+ countries in many cases. As long as you are honest when filling out your application, there should be no issues with the insurance provider dispersing the policy’s payout to your beneficiaries.

Even if you don’t know how much life insurance you need, it’s important to seek insurance to cover your funeral costs, provide financial support to loved ones and help ensure your last wishes are followed.

Information You’ll Need to Provide to Obtain an Insurance Policy

Seeking an insurance policy in a language that you’re fluent in is ideal. Online providers offer quotes and also allow you to obtain insurance terms and conditions that you fully understand. You’ll be able to compare providers and also find one that offers maximum coverage to reduce the risk of a claim being denied.

Term life insurance and critical illness insurance are both recommended for everyone who lives outside of their home country. Due to the wait times in Qatar’s health insurance industry, critical illness insurance is recommended. The insurance provides you with coverage if you suffer a serious illness such as a heart attack or stroke.

The information that you’ll need to provide includes:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Residency
  • Education level
  • Annual income
  • Smoking history
  • Coverage level
  • Term length

Qualifying for insurance requires that you’re between the age of 18 and 49, have no serious medical history and don’t work in a hazardous occupation.

As an expat in Qatar, it’s important to seek coverage that is designed for the expat lifestyle. If you decide to leave Qatar, you can be sure that the right insurance policy will also follow you around the globe.

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