The most popular low-cost solution to provide financial security for you and your family

If something were to happen to you within the set time period, or “term”, then your family would receive the pre-determined cash payout, or “death benefit”.  Families typically set up term life insurance protection to pay for the following things:

  • Rent Or Mortgage

    Your family will still need to maintain their mortgage repayments or rent repayments after your death. Homeowners will be liable for property taxes, insurance and maintenance expenses

  • Grocery Shopping

    An obvious but not insignificant expense. The average household spends 6,500 USD a year on food alone.

  • Childrens Education Fees

    From private tuition, to activities, to international schooling, to university fees, the total cost of education can be staggering

  • Ongoing healthcare costs

    The average lifetime medical expenditure is $316,600- a third higher for females ($361,200) than males ($268,700). Nearly one-third of lifetime expenditures is incurred during middle age, and nearly half during the senior years.

  • Discretionary spending

    Travel expenses. Birthdays. Christmas. Hobbies. The cost of maintaining a family, especially with children, cannot be underestimated.


of expat families do not have sufficient life insurance cover


An appropriate international term life insurance policy should provide cover in the event of death by any cause, and in any location.  This means that if you were to die as a result of natural causes, or even in an accident, your family will still receive the promised cash lump sum. The only possibility for non-payment of the promised money upon your death would be as a result of A) a deceptive application whereby you lied about your state of health or medical history or B) where you died whilst committing a crime or C) where you died whilst participating in a war or terroristic act.